Please read about these common issues before opening a support ticket.Thank you for choosing us.


All our modules are designed to load data from their own folders . Every module has his own images , swf or video subfolders . There is the best place for you to upload media(requires ftp access)  and not call it from a http:// address or from joomla default "images" folder . Many of our modules / slider / rotators will not recognize those paths.


If  you have this issue make sure that you double check the images/swf/videos paths  and always block the slides that you dont use(first setting of every slide) . We've designed every module to load the images from a specific subfolder located every time under the main module's folder. You need to upload your images there(requires ftp access) and set the correct path for them. On every module administration you will have an example on how the paths should look. 



If you need some changes for the modul USA Dealer Map you will have to send us the following details and you will receive an update in maximum 48 hours :

Font color for the text , e.g =#000000

Map color,e.g = #000000

State Hoover Color , eg = #000000

Scroll bar color , e.g = #000000

The text from the top of the map(instead of Select a state to find a Dealer in your area )

The color or look of the states abbreviations etc.

Please take a look at the screenshot.



In the case that this kind of error appears, follow the steps below and everything will be ok:

1. Login to your joomla administration panel.

2.Go to the menu Site/Global configuration.

3. Navigate to the server tab and set the Error Reporting to System Default.

Please also see the screenshot below :


If the error continues to appear , do not hesitate to contact us using our support form.


  Considering that some email providers are redirecting the email addresses which can not be found in your address book, you should make sure that you have checked your spam/junk folder before trying to contact us again.

We offer replies to the support emails in maximum 5 hours since the support email is received.

For support please use the email address :

It is better to use our support form where you can give us more details about your issue in a few minutes.

Best regards,

JoomEx Team.


How can I remove all the borders in order to keep a cleaner look?

All you have to do is to set the right dimensions of the module. Please take a look on the screenshot from this article. What we've done was to set the same dimensions for the Rotator and Global , to remove the Background transparency , the Glow thickness, the Border thickness and transparency and everything is clear and cool.



Eg : Unable to create:/.../../....yourfile.xml 

The problem is that your host provider does not automatically sets permissions for the module's files and folders. Please follow these steps:

- Install the module.Do not publish him yet.
- Go to your Control Panel account( Requires FTP acces).
- Set 755 permissions to all files and folders of your  module.(mod_ )
- Go to your module in the Joomla administration panel and publish the module.
- Now your module will work.

Please also check this link.

If nothing seems to work , you should change the permission to 777 and see if it is working after that.

If it's working with 777 permissions, it seems that is a server setting wich is causing the problem. Please contact your host provider/server administrator to solve the problem.

Please note that this issue is not related with our product.


Just folow the link below  for available slide transitions for our module: Transition Types


- the embedded swf  files must fit the global size of the module; otherwise, the swf files will interleave with image files and the module will not be able to autoresize the swf files.


For the proper functioning of the module is necessary to set up, through the application Skype installed on your PC, the possibility to show the online status. 
Make this changes :

  • Tools / Options / Privacy /Check the box "Allow my online status to be shown on the web”



SlideShow Time - how much should a picture stay;

BackGround Color - slideshow background color;

Background Transparency - slideshow background transparency;

Cell Width - width of the grid and net shape(in our example the shape is a square);

Cell Height - height of the grid and net shape(in our example the shape is a square);

Show Min Time - the minimum time for a transition;

Show Max Time - the maximum time for a transition;

Blur - amount of blur applied to the net;

NeT Time - how much time should the net should stay;

Alpha Net - amount of transparency applied to the net(0 - invisible, 1 - visible);

Caption Transparency - amount of transparency applied to the title+body+button background;

Controller Transparency - amount of transparency applied to the controller background;

Over Color - controller buttons over state color;

Out Color - controller buttons out state color;

Normal Color - controller buttons out state color;

Button Alpha - amount of transparency applied to controller buttons;

Padding - caption's inner padding;

Controller Distance X - X offset for controller;

Caption X - X offset for caption;

Caption Y - Y offset for caption;

Controller Height - controller's height

Distance Between Controller Elements - distance between controller's elements;

Distance Between Thumbs - distance between controller's numbers;

Loader Color - loader color;

Caption Width - description caption width;

Button Text - caption's button text;

Button Normal Color - caption's button normal state color;

Button Over Color - caption's button over state color;

Padding X - X offset padding for caption's title and body;

Padding Y - Y offset padding for caption's title and body;

Bottom Spacing Width - inner "read more" spacing(on Width);

Bottom Spacing Height - inner "read more" spacing(on Height);

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