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A very easy to use slidesow / banner rotator with a great pan&zoom feature that allows you to present your best images and /or banners in a nice and perfect way.  A great tool for any website , with a simple to understand  Administration Panel to help you realize a cool slideshow in a matter of minutes.


Support for : fgsgsfdg vcvx fdsf etc.

      • Perfect resizable by setting the module's Width and Height.
      • Autoplay option: On/Off.
      • Everything customizable
      • the text's color ,  size , transparency , background color and even it's delay ;
      • you can choose to display what buttons you whant for the slideshow or no buttons at all ;
      • choose to set an external link for every slide and the target for it ( new window or same window).
      • you can even change the preloader color ;
      • choose the display time for  every slide ;
      • wonderfull and customizable Ken Burns effect for every slide . 
      • Show / Hide option of every slide.
    Specials Characters Support:
    special characters_2

    The Ken Burns property

    This property has four different parts:

    · Starting scale.

    · Ending scale.

    These two represent the zoom in the effect , if you want the photo to be zoomed  from 100 to 150 for example, and vice versa.

    · Starting position.

    · Ending position.

    These two represent the panning in the effect. For these two you have 9 possible values that covers the whole image :

    · TL : top left

    · TC : top center

    · TR : top right

    · ML : middle left

    · MC : middle center

    · MR : middle right

    · BL : bottom left

    · BC : bottom center

    · BR : bottom right

    So for example if you want your photo to move from the top left corner to the bottom right  corner you will use TL to BR.

     Version 2.0.0 - 2.8 updates :

    Added direct link to an app which makes the module visible on Android devices.

    Added posibility to display unlimited instances of the module on the same page of your website.

    Added debug mode.

    Major admin area changes.

         Notes and Troubleshooting

    All the settings from the Administration Panel have tooltips included.

    This module contains 10 (ten) predefined slides . To add more (maximum 15) please contact us.

    Troubleshooting: For any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

    Demo1-Full Options

    Please update your Flash Player to view content.

    Demo 2 - Simple Slideshow : No Buttons or Description

    General and Slide's Settings

    Kburns general_settings

    kburns slide_settings


    GNU General Public License



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