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A very simple and eye catching way to display your best images, logos or latest  products . In a matter of minutes you can set up a cool flash module without any flash knowledge , everything being explained in the administration area.


 Features :


Supports JPG , GIF , PNG image files and AS2 based SWF files. 


  • Perfect resizable by setting the Width and Height of the module.
  • You can add multiple instances of this module on your website by creating a copy of it.
  • You can choose/set the animation speed or rotation(clockwise or counter-clockwise).
  • You can set radius of the animation X and Y values.
  • You can customize/disable the blur effect for the distanced objects.(objects in the back)
  • You can use/disable a backside tint color for the back objects.
  • You can also set the amount of color for the backside tint.
  • A color can be also set when mouse over the images/swf files creating a customizable glow of which intensity you can control.
  • For every slide you can choose a file (image or swf) ,an info text, an external link and a target for the the external link(_blank,_self,_top,_parent).
  • You can set up to 20 images/swf files (25 maximum can be added if you desire ).
  • Special characters supported for the info text:
  • special characters_2
  • Troubleshooting: For any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact  our support team. 
  • Added Debug mode on version 1.5
  • Added direct link to an app which makes the module visible on Android devices.


Demo 1

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Seetings we've made for it :


Demo 2 - Horizontal

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 Settings we've made for it :

Demo 3 - Vertical

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GNU General Public License





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