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A wonderful flash based Joomla!® banner rotator with more than 60 settings to help you display in a perfect way your main products,pictures,news etc. in order to improve the image of your website.



Supports images: fdsfsd , afa , scdasda etc.

  • Global Width and Height.
  • Banner -Width and Height , Autostart option, Stop or not after the last slide displays.
  • Thumbnails settings:

- width and height;


- you can set the space between them;

- the number of thumbs  to display;

- places to display : top(inside the banner) , down (inside the banner), down outside the banner,all this positions have also an horizontal alignment:center,left,right; 

- show/hide option;

- autohide on mouse out option;
- border,border color, thickness, border color on roll over;

  • Buttons settings: alignment(center,left,right) , show/hide option, space , margin from the bottom of the banner. Next/Previous and Play/Pause buttons show/hide option.
  • Slide/Images settings :

- Show/Hide option;
- Brightness Intensity;
- External Url(enable/disable) and target ;
- Title and description (enable/disable);
- You can set the time for the image to be displayed;
- Title and description positions after X and Y , font color and size;
- Set the effect for every image.

There are 20 different  ways to set up your effects.
All the transitions are cube, horizontal and vertical based effects. By setting up a number from 1 to 20 you will discover 20 different effects.You can also set from how many slices should every effect be formed and the time for the effect to take place.

 Version 3.1 Update:

1.Added suport for one front image for every slide .The front images  options:

   a) General Settings:

- Show/Hide the front images.

- You can set a border for the front images and set the thickness and color for it.

- The delay time - time until the front images will appear on the banner.

- Tooltip Text for every front image.

- Shadow for the front images with the options to block it.

- Option to add/block external url for the front images .

   b) Slide by slide Settings:

- Individual  External url for the front images and the target for it ( _blank ; _self) .

- The X and Y positions of the front images on the banner.

- You can also  Hide the front image border on a slide by slide basis.

- You can choose the time for the front image to be displayed.

- Choose from 4 appearance effects for the front images.

-  Also you can choose a Tooltip Text for each front image.

2. Added music (mp3) support for the banner. The options for it are:

- Music path.

- Show/Hide the music button.

- Play/Block the music file.

- Repeat or not the music file at the end of the song.

 Version 3.2-3.6 update :

Added option to display more instances of the module on the same/every page of your website.

Added direct link to an app which makes the module visible on Android devices.


     Notes and Troubleshooting

  • This module contains 10  (ten) predefined slides (to add up to 12 slides please contact support).
  • Extremely easy to use and customize in any size and any position of your website.
  • Troubleshooting: For any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact  our support team.

Demo1-Full Options

Please update your Flash Player to view content.

Demo 2 - Portfolio/Presentation Usage

Demo 3 - Simple Slideshow with external Url

General and Slide's Settings




front advanced

 Slide 1_Advanced

Slide 2_advanced


GNU General Public License




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